Ted Haller emcees benefit for the Innocence Project

On November 13, Attorney Ted Haller had the honor of emceeing the Innocent Project of Minnesota’s annual Benefit for Innocence. It was Ted’s fourth time helping the organization as an emcee; he also regularly covered the Innocence Project while working as a television reporter for KMSP.

At the Minneapolis Event Centers, Ted spoke in front of a gathering of about 500 supporters of the Innocent Project, a nonprofit that works to free the wrongfully convicted and reform the criminal justice system to prevent wrongful convictions.

Ted expressed his gratitude for the organization’s staff and volunteers—and the thousands of hours of time devoted to helping those convicted of crimes they never committed.

In his remarks, Ted quoted comments Bruce Springsteen recently made about time: “Once you enter the adult life…and you choose your work, the clock starts ticking and you walk alongside not only the people you’ve chosen to travel with, but you walk alongside your own mortality and you realize you have a limited amount of time to do your work…to try and do something good.”

Ted Haller speaks at the Benefit for Innocence

Ted Haller speaks at the Benefit for Innocence