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About our 20-minute free phone evaluations

Our free, 20-minute phone evaluations are a great place to start if you feel like you don't know where to start. We'll take the time to listen to what's going on in your employment situation and let you know whether we can help you or maybe point you in the right direction for other legal or practical help. Our free phone consultations are great if you:

  • Lost your job and something doesn't feel right about it;

  • Know about something illegal or unethical in the workplace and feel like "blowing the whistle" is the right thing to do but want to know if you're protected doing so;

  • Received a severance/separation agreement upon termination and don't know whether you need some paid legal counsel;

  • Are experiencing discrimination or retaliation in the workplace and need a brief take on the situation from a lawyer and a quick point or two on the law; or

  • Have any other employment law questions based on what's going on but don't know where to turn.

Our free phone evaluations don't include detailed or nuanced explanations of the law, suggested strategies, or legal advice. They also aren't intended to create an attorney-client relationship between us and you. 

If we determine you might have a case worth pursuing, we may invite you in for a free face-to-face meeting to explore the situation in more detail, explain your legal options, and explain our services and your fee options. We won't make high-pressure sales pitches—those aren't our style. Just easy-to-understand information and the pros and cons of the various options you may have.

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About our Flat-Fee, Face-to-Face or Over-the-Phone Employment Contract Consultations

Severance Agreements. Non-Competes. Employment Contracts of all kinds. If you're visiting our site, you probably have a bunch of questions about all that legalese laid before you. 

Our $600 face-to-face ($550 via phone) Employment Contact Consultations are built to give you peace of mind or a roadmap so you can advocate for yourself. Here's how:

  • Intake Form. We send you an easy-to-complete online intake form that you complete before your visit so we don't waste your time getting background information and so we are well-equipped to give you straightforward and well-rounded legal advice during our meeting.

  • Upload Important Documents. We use secure, cloud-based technology that you can easily use to upload your contract and any other key documents for us to review before you get to our offices.

  • Pre-Meeting Research and Document Review. We'll spend up to 90 minutes reviewing your intake information, documentation, and conducting legal research before our meeting so we're prepared to answer as many of your questions as possible.

  • The Face-to-Face Meeting. We listen to your concerns before we start dolling out our own opinions. Choose from one of two convenient locations. You get one hour of our time and undivided attention.

  • Case Evaluation. If it's a severance agreement we're looking at, we'll spend time assessing whether there are legal claims to leverage in connection with your termination and, if there are, we'll give you various options to consider if you want to try to increase or maximize the employer's severance payment or sweeten the terms of the deal.

  • The Takeaway Memo. You won't leave empty-handed. We'll distill the material terms of the contract and any affirmative obligations on your part into a layperson's memo that you can take with you. We'll include negotiation points and strategy ideas that we discuss during our meeting.

  • Follow-Up. If you have questions about your contract that we can't answer with certainty at our meeting, we will follow-up with one follow-up email to you afterwards to make sure you have solid answers or courses of action to consider. If it will take more time to assist you, we'll provide you options that fit your budget.

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About our flat-fee, face-to-face or over-the-phone "Do I Have a Case?" evaluations

Sometimes there's no better way to get heard and understood than sitting down with another person face-to-face or having an hour of dedicated phone time with an attorney. We provide that option because we know that's the best way for some people to communicate what's happened to them at work. This option is suitable for those who have been fired or laid off, or those who are facing ongoing workplace problems. Our flat-fee consultation costs $250 in-person or $200 for a phone conference.

We maximize the value of our one hour together by providing you with an online intake form that you complete before we meet so we don't waste time gathering background information (essential to understanding your situation, but time-consuming to discuss in-person). We also use secure, cloud-based technology that you can use to upload key documents ahead of time

When we meet, we'll discuss the particulars of your employment situation in order to assess whether you have a case. Critically, we will provide you with an explanation of the applicable law and an honest, 360-degree assessment of how your situation squares with the law and other practical considerations based on our experience in this field. We will give you an objective idea about various courses of action and the related costs and benefits. If you don't have a case, we'll explain why we think so. 

Possible outcomes for you could include:

  • Finding out that you have a potential case and exploring options to work with us on a contingent-fee, hourly, or hybrid fee basis to pursue your legal rights;

  • Learning that you may not have a case, but feeling educated and enlightened about the law;

  • Learning about limited legal representation tailored to try and make your ongoing employment situation better.

If you are wondering about whether this flat-fee consultation is worth your time and money, feel free to schedule a 20-minute Free Phone Evaluation first, or Submit Your Case Online for free.  

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About our free, "Submit your case online" option

If you do not wish to pay for a consultation and don't think you can adequately convey your story during a 20-minute Free Phone Evaluation, you can Submit Your Case Online for free using our intake form, which should take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete. 

Start by clicking the "Submit Your Case Online" link below. You'll be taken to a brief form to fill out and submit. We'll check for conflicts and then send you a link to our in-depth online intake form that you can complete confidentially and securely.

We'll review your responses and let you know by email or phone if it's something we can help with. We will respond within 1-4 business days. This option does not, however, include an explanation of the law, suggested strategies or negotiation pointers, or any legal advice.  If we decide we can't help you, we'll simply let you know.  If we decide that we may be able to take your case or that we can offer some limited representation that might benefit you, we'll set up a time to talk further about representation options.