Wrongful Terminations

Here’s a hard truth:  lots of terminations are wrongful. But not all wrongful terminations are illegal.

Here’s another truth: it’s hard to tell one from the other because modern-day managers are savvy and easily (and often) hide their true motivations.

That’s why it is critical workers speak to an attorney if their antennae are up and termination feels imminent, or if they’ve been fired and the reasoning just doesn’t add up.

Fortunately, in order to prove that an illegal termination has taken place, most laws protecting employees only require a wronged employee prove the employer was motivated in part (meaning the employer could be motivated by more than one thing) by an illegal reason. 

Examples of illegal wrongful terminations include:

If you suspect a termination is imminent, there may be things you can do to protect yourself. Feel free to schedule a consultation with us to learn a bit more. If you’ve been fired and things don’t feel right, also get in touch with us because there are certain things we see time and again—through circumstantial evidence and patterns—that may reveal an illegal termination and a case we’re eager to take on so justice can be done.