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We are employment lawyers who know that the workplace is like a second home, for better or worse. Minnesotans derive much of their dignity and self worth from work. So when something goes wrong on the job, the anguish and pain can be as real and palpable as a physical injury.

You can trust the lawyers of Haller Kwan LLP with your employment law dilemma. We not only study, write about, and make use of the vast tapestry of laws covering workers—from discrimination to retaliation and whistleblower protections—but we also earn your trust by taking a personal interest in you.

Our individual clients get the same kind of client service expected by the nation's largest companies. It's in our DNA. 

We Promise and Deliver:

Clear and timely communications. Transparent and secure digital access to your case file.  Thorough education and counsel. Total satisfaction. A shoulder to lean on.


Litigation, Negotiation, & Total Client Satisfaction

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